Monday, June 8, 2009

Netbeans 6.7 + JBoss 5.1 Library Dependencies

Moving my IDE from NetBeans 6.1 to 6.7.1 (not a GA, but the nightly build 200906051401) resulted in failure in my web application compilation. I had pointed NetBeans to the same JBoss 5.1 installation as I used in NB 6.1, and associated my web app project with that server, so this "should" have worked, but did not. I don't have the time to analyze exactly why, so I won't discuss that; instead, I'll just provide the solution:
  1. Create a NetBeans library (named e.g. JBoss-5.1-Common) that points to all jarfiles under $JBOSS_HOME/common/lib, and add that to your project. Make sure to uncheck the Package checkbox for that library or it'll be added to your deployed warfile, which could result in classloading problems
  2. Add the JSF 1.2 library that comes out of the box with NetBeans - again, uncheck the Package option for the same reason.
This should address compile-time issues, or more accurately I should say "it worked for me".

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