Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ternary Expressions Problem with JSF 1.2

This is a followup on my previous post that offered a workaround to this error message, as seen when working with JSF 1.2:

javax.el.ELException: Error Parsing: 
Caused by: com.sun.el.parser.ParseException: Encountered ":text"

In my first post, I failed to find the root cause, so I took the path of least resistance in the interest of the project schedule (using the heavy-handed approach of two separate panel groups, backing the condition out to the "rendered" attribute of each group). As it turns out, the root cause is lack of white space around the colon, as explained in this article from Oracle. That is, given an expression:


...and depending on what the deployment environment is, you'll either notice nothing or bump into this error message. When that first post was written, I was deploying to Glassfish 8.x - and I needed to use the workaround described above. Recently, I deployed to JBoss 4.x and later to 5.1, and here I did not notice anything - but then I redeployed to embedded Jetty 6.1.x, and the problem re-appeared. This is probably because JBoss shielded me from needing the magic combination of JSF, JSP, Facelets, JSTL and etc. to make things work, but vanilla Jetty does not.

In either event, you might have better luck than I with determining the dependency mix, including tweaking the web.xml to configure the correct expression factory, trying various permutations of Jetty's JSP libraries, and etc. (aka "time sink"); but, more simply, the fix is to change the problematic expression (well, actually it's a bug in JSF 1.2) to this:

#{isThisTrue?doThis : doThat}

This time, I googled for the right thing ("JSF 1.2 ternary parse exception") and, by now, the article from Oracle had finally been published (it wasn't there until after I originally bailed out with my workaround).

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