Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Open a PDF Resource in Browser Tab

Though the title refers to a PDF, the MIME type of the resource is not crucial to this. My goal was to open a PDF file in a new browser tab, and with IceFaces I initially tried the outputResource widget. This seemed like the right way to go, and according to the TLD I should have been able to open the resource directly in the browser as opposed to simply downloading it - but I could not get that to work as expected.

Instead, I backed off to a more straightforward link approach, i.e. use of the outputLink control, as follows:
    <ice:outputLink value="doc/some-PDF-file.pdf"
        <ice:outputText value="Open PDF"/>
The plain vanilla HTML is dirt-simple:
<a target="_blank" href="doc/some-PDF-file.pdf">Open PDF</a>
This assumes the "doc" directory location is under your webapp root context.

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